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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Will upgrading to Hardy fix my Ubuntu install?

    Thanks twin, I'll give that a try while I'm at it (can't hurt) but (hopefully!) it will be a preventative measure because my XP dual-boot is fine, and I think the problem would come from the boot...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Clean install without wiping data?

    If you can borrow a hard drive to back all your data to, then you can install Ubuntu so you can 'future-proof' installs down the road: create a separate /home partition and keep all your data there....
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Will upgrading to Hardy fix my Ubuntu install?

    Thanks, I'm pretty sure that's all I needed to know!
  4. [ubuntu] Will upgrading to Hardy fix my Ubuntu install?

    I use the Ubuntu install on my desktop mainly to surf the web, download podcasts and watch videos. I have kept it religiously up to date with the orange button and have no major theme changes. I...
  5. Poll: Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    I started running 6.10 in March of this year, upgraded to 7.04 when it was released and have very few modifications (I tried using AWN, screenlets and Beryl but never fully removed them).

    I was...
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    Re: Rip and shrink DVDs with K9Copy

    Your compilation instructions worked great for me Foxmike, thanks very much! I was worried when I saw 'i386' in your instructions but however the compiler works it detected my AMD64 and made it work....
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    Re: Ubuntu users! Who are you?

    33 year old American male, but I live in the English (East) Midlands. Single, no kids, but I have an English girlfriend. I work for an RC model car company, HPI Racing. Used to work in Southern...
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    Poll: Re: Paper or Plastic

    I recycle my plastic bags, so I don't mind using them when I forget to take in my reusable bags. But 80-90% of the time I'll use reusables. If it's just a couple of items I refuse a bag. I don't get...
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    Poll: Re: Would you cut your own hair?

    My dad used to cut my hair (he trained as a barber) and then he taught my mom how to do it so he could get his cut, and he used to cut his Army recruit's hair as well. In the past year I've cut my...
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