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    Re: SSD Raid aray - worth it?

    I'd probably have to agree that the speed advantage of RAID0 is not so advantageous with more modern hardware such as NVME. It's curious you're still using RAID 0. Not saying its wrong but I just...
  2. Re: file owner permissions when root is the owner

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

    If a file is owned by root with permissions 400 (r--,---,---), there is no way the root user can modify this file. Try it. Create a 400 file owned...
  3. Re: Do you think maintaining a separate machine solely for PFsense is an overkill ?

    If you are not running any servers or don't have any specific needs then your setup is probably fine. Just depends if you if have the budget and desire to push your knowledge to learn new things. ...
  4. [server] Re: How to Close Email Ports in Ubuntu 16.04?

    The iptables method will definitely work unless you want to run the commands within ufw. Just depends on your preference.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Simple localhost server using bash....


    Curious about the rdiff-backup. I thought many had moved up to borg or something similar?

    Never head about sshuttle. I guess I learn something new everyday.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Grsync doesn't run via Cron

    As other user pointed out -- why are you running grsync which is a graphics front end for rsync from a cron job? Why not just run the command for rsync directly? Which user is running this sync...
  7. Re: Do you think maintaining a separate machine solely for PFsense is an overkill ?

    Hmm -- I'm a home setup guy -- and to answer your question I have pfsense running virtualized within a hypervisor. So I guess this is kind of a mixed case with your scenario with having a separate...
  8. [server] Re: allow only 1 (not specific) IP at a time on a port

    Neat -- I had no idea you could do this. Thanks for information.
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    Re: Boot errors.. Newbie!

    System Boot order -- Would that be a setting in the bios where you would select HDD, CDROM, Network or others like USB in a specific order? That would be my guess I suppose.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Flumoxxed by Dual Boot Instal------------++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++lation

    If you have 20Gb of space -- is that 20Gb of unpartitioned space? Ubuntu needs to install on an empty partition.
    In terms of UEFI boot -- I'd recommend you do a lot of reading about what you are...
  11. Re: Have You Used Pop and Ubuntu (and Mint)?

    Isn't Pop based on Ubuntu/Debian? I'm fairly certain posts here would apply.
  12. [server] Re: Ansible Problem with Yaml file trying to deploy a docker container

    Your syntax looks wrong:

    It should be

    - name:
    docker-container: (etc)
  13. Re: Discussion of software that is not included in Ubuntu

    In my limited experience installing packages either with make install, checkinstall -- the install process works great but the uninstall process usually leaves a lot of packages and files behind. ...
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    [SOLVED] Re: VirtualBox Alternatives

    Honestly theFu seems very knowledgeable about using KVM -- he knows far more than I ever will about the topic. I've spoken about this product before but just like to throw in my two cents -- xcp-ng...
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    Re: Seeking help with backup script

    The problem you are trying to solve (backups) is a recurring topic throughout the years. Perhaps looking at solutions many others have contributed to may be worth your time. Veamm backup runs on...
  16. Re: Consideration for Moving to Unbutu - Need Advice

    I'd just stick with MacOSX. If you are highly invested in the Mac world (iphone, macosx, ipad), no linux distro is going to match the experience. One thing I love about Mac OSX is things just work...
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    Re: do you use live distros often and why.

    Is it me but I find the "live distros" so slow that it's almost not worth the user experience..Honestly I'd rather just install something within a hypervisor if I want to try it out. The process is...
  18. Re: Best Linux distro for 32 bits old computer with 2GB ram?

    I luv luv Arch however I don't think it support 32 bits anymore.

    I can't believe I'm the only one saying this but honestly I'd recommend retiring your hardware. 1-2Gb of RAM? -- Honestly I don't...
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    Re: I want ot create a blog.

    Who hosted your wordpress blog or was it self hosted?
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    Re: python 2 end of support

    You could just install pyenv and do things that way..just another option
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    Re: some of my bash shell aliases

    Seems like I should be able to incorporate these into zsh without a problem -- just need to verify syntax
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    [ubuntu] Re: bash: cal: command not found


    Nice explanation
  23. [other] Re: Work-Gaming workstation GPU/OS virtualization

    Honestly I have no idea why you would want to combine a work machine with a gaming system. I personally would rethink that strategy.
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    [ubuntu] Re: move videos/documents/folder to ssd

    So you're trying to drag and drop from your desktop folder to a folder on the SSD?
    What are permissions on the folder on the SSD? You could find these within terminal with simple ls -la command.
  25. Re: update to zfs-initramfs/focal zfs-zed/focal zfsutils-linux/focal but not modules?

    I believe the kernel needs to be compiled with the appropriate module.
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