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  1. Thread: QQ Desk

    by quequotion

    QQ Desk

    So I finally got around to trying this again.

    After pulling many, many teeth, I finally have a working package in a working PPA!

    I call this fork of indicator-cpufreq "indicator-powersave". In...
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    I've finally launched my own PPA: QQ Desk.

    The first package is indicator-powersave, a fork of indicator-cpufreq with additional toggles for system-wide powersaving. It is neither a detailed...
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    [kylin] Re: "Bus error" (aka DOOM)

    Solution: Don't install Ubuntu under any circumstances.

    The issue was indeed hard disk corruption--caused by software. Spinrite was able to correct the error. Given the number of reports of this...
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    [kylin] Re: "Bus error" (aka the DOOM that came from ldconfig)

    ldconfig is what they have in common.

    I downloaded the source package for libc-bin, and poked around in the debian pakaging. libc-bin.triggers contains only:
    interest ldconfig

    There's another...
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    [kylin] Re: "Bus error" (aka DOOM)

    This is what happens to libc-bin during installation/removal of packages:
    Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.21-0ubuntu4) ...Bus error
    /sbin/ldconfig.real: Path `/lib/i386-linux-gnu' given more...
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    [kylin] "Bus error" (aka DOOM)

    Yesterday, I experienced a nightmare upgrade failure with apt-get. It removed a few dozen packages, including the ubuntukylin-desktop package, and installed numerous (~80) unrelated, unrequested perl...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Custom Pantheon DEs (Compiz and Openbox)

    ...and (super-)wingpanel?

    You can customize XFCE panel to look and do the same as wingpanel, but not super-wingpanel.
    Wingpanel is gtk3(+granite?) and a little shinier than xfce-panel, with...
  8. Upgrade: The Debian Way (again, with aptitude)

    So it's 2015, and I still trust this kind of method more than 3rd party installers.

    I had a very good experience this time with aptitude.
    Aptitude's decision making is better than it used to be....
  9. Re: Another custom Pantheon DE: Pantheon-lighter

    Her desktop is this snappy Ubuntu Kylin Custom Unity gig:

    Ubuntu Kylin's compiz is reduced! Only 2D features included :(
    It's highly...
  10. Another custom Pantheon DE: Pantheon-lighter

    It's 2015, the old how-to was updated, time for a new thread!
    -Do check the old one for background and updated, detailed how-tos on Pantheon 3d and Pantheon Lite.

    Ubuntu Kylin (Vivid)...
  11. Disable Unity (for custom DE with compiz) from another DE

    Unity is enabled by default in compiz, which makes it difficult to use compiz with another DE.

    In fact, compiz was originally designed to be modular and can still be used with other DE.

  12. Openbox: package the correct .desktop file (for gnome-session, etc)

    Back in Saucy, I noticed that ubuntu was packaging openbox with the .desktop file from 3.5.0 and I thought that the package had somehow been misnamed in launchpad.

    Apparently this was the case,...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Init scripts missing LSB headers; how to restore?

    Well, there was never going to be a solution to this problem because it is caused by the existence of upstart.

    Resolved by switching to Archlinux, which uses systemd instead. It may not be...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: GRUB doesn't recognize EFI drive to install on upgrade

    Issue resolved by giving up on the concept of using GRUB with UEFI.

    Users should be warned: The problems are very serious; dm-raid is not being maintained and should be deprecated for mdadm,...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: GRUB doesn't recognize EFI drive to install on upgrade


    Thanks for the advice.
    In fact, I finally got the system booting and grub installed.

    That thread may be old, but the failure of the grub installation process it describes has not...
  16. [SOLVED] Re: can't upgrade cryptsetup; insserv complains about checkroot

    Well, no one ever replied...

    If anyone ever has the same problem: delete the conflicting requirement from the init script and hope for the best.

    The installation finally came to an end, but...
  17. [ubuntu] Gstreamer1.0 segfault; unable to use any gstreamer applications

    I already filed a bug report for this.

    No gstreamer1.0 applications are usable for me. Gstreamer itself seems to be what's broken. I can't get a full list of the installed plugins from...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: can't upgrade cryptsetup; insserv complains about checkroot

    Carrying on, I've had to perform similar surgeries on about a half-dozen initscripts so far.

    Since there isn't any particular documentation on the changes made to the init system for Saucy,...
  19. [SOLVED] GRUB doesn't recognize EFI drive to install on upgrade

    Having the same problem as this thread that was closed before the issue was ever solved for some reason, blocking upgrade to saucy.

    The problem is definitely GRUB. The drive is correctly...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: can't upgrade cryptsetup; insserv complains about checkroot

    Can anyone tell me what level of good/bad idea this is: to proceed with the installation, I simply removed "checkroot" from the initscript header.
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Init scripts missing LSB headers; how to restore?

    What I really need is to know what the header for each of those scripts looks like on a working system. That is how this problem gets fixed. It doesn't matter what's going on with upstart at all.
  22. [SOLVED] can't upgrade cryptsetup; insserv complains about checkroot

    I had never heard of "checkroot" (apparently responsible for running fsck at boot on a schedule or when poorly rebooted) until today, and then this is blocking upgrade to saucy:

    insserv: Service...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Init scripts missing LSB headers; how to restore?

    Then what happened to the LSB headers they used to have? Those should NOT be removed, even if the job was converted to upstart. My entire init system is in pieces and insserv won't allow me to...
  24. [SOLVED] Init scripts missing LSB headers; how to restore?

    I've actually posted about this before, when it caused my computer to be unable to shutdown. In that case I got lucky, in that I was able to find proper start and stop runlevels for the shutdown...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu won't shutdown: shutdown sequence incomplete; stripped init scripts?

    It WORKED!

    My instincts were right. Something stripped my init scripts and ruined the shutdown sequence. I suppose I've been lucky, all this time, that anything worked at all.

    So next up: How...
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