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  1. [ubuntu] Mount Lego Mindstorm (USB device not recognized)

    Hi everybody,
    I searched a lot in the community before writing but I didn't find my case.

    I'm working with the Lego Mindstorm NXT device. Actually, I'm writing some behavior with Java LeJos and I...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Update firmware Lejos on Lego Mindstorm nxt

    Hi again,
    I found a solution but not with ubuntu :(
    I tried with Windows XP. When I connected the NXT to the laptop, the OS recognized immediately the NXT and its status (firmware update mode).
  3. [ubuntu] Update firmware Lejos on Lego Mindstorm nxt

    Hi everybody,
    I'm using Lego Mindstorm NXT and I'trying to change the firmware with Lejos.
    When I try to do it, the terminal give me this message:

    antonella@antonella-desktop:~$ nxjflash...
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