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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Binary Nvidia, dual head/twinview, 11.10 Oneiric - not working

    Similar problem with nvidia 280GTX in a Guru Laptop after upgrade to 11.10
    Internal LCD works fine,
    connecting external monitor it won't be detected,
    nvidia-settings stderrs a lot like
  2. [all variants] sshfs mount hangs during nightly remote IP change

    My permanent mount of: /media/myLocalName fuse.sshfs rw,noexec,nosu
    id,nodev,max_read=65536,user=me 0 0
    works fine using fstab and some public key...
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    [ubuntu] GPT: Just let it be.

    I really thought GUIDs were a brilliant idea for partitioning. However, in combination with my motherboard RAID and the BIOS successor EFI it was just evil.
    Here's what happened after 10 days of...
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    [ubuntu] Fstab mount option uhelper.

    Bump also. uhelper=hal? man mount says nothing. man fstab says nothing. ubuntu-specific parameter? unmounting parameter? can this be crucial?
    Please sb. link to official doc. Thank you.
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    [ubuntu] Re: FakeRAID and GPT

    Many thanks for the quick reply! I apreciate people a lot who care about sober implementations like srs5694 does! Keep your attitude up - may the force be with you a hundred and twenty years!

    I am...
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    [ubuntu] So much about Necro Posting...

    I am desperately trying to solve the very same problem.
    My System is a Guru Storm i7 Laptop with two identical HDs 500GB.
    I have setup a mirror of 120GB and striped the rest to ~720GB
    I setup...
  7. [ubuntu] Similar, but got stuck in: (initramfs) shell

    I get the very same error message, but i get dropped into the (initramfs) shell.
    My Setup:

    Two 500GB on Intel PM55
    in the BIOS, i setup
    one RAID0 (mirror, ca. 100GB) for the OSs
    one RAID1...
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    [ubuntu_studio] A link for example?

    Oh MFMM:twisted::twisted:, the two of you have really been extremely helpful for everybody now!
  9. [all variants] HowTo sync Adressbook of Motorola KRZR K1 with Ubuntu?

    Has anybody found a solution to this problem yet? To be honest, it's a shame that googling this title does not yield any motorola results.

    see closed thread from 2008:
    HowTo sync Motorola KRZR...
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    [ubuntu] NO, i help you not!!

    Man, when i spotted this thread in the main Forums page, i was pretty sure it was meant to be a bad example announced with
    "Please avoid meaningless headers when posting"!
    To my surprise, it was...
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    Fixed:) HOWTO: PulseAudio Fixes & System-Wide Equalizer Support

    Thank you a lot, mister!
    Helped me out of that firefox3 silence with my Terratec Aureon 5.1 .

    @Everybody else please note: After following the howto, audio seemed to have been broken all...
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