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    [ubuntu] monitor refresh rate setting fail

    OK, please help me out with this...which detting is the real one, or 'How do I get the Compiz-fusion settings to dominate the system display settings?

    I have a XFS HD-477A-YDFC Radeon 512MB...
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    [ubuntu] Re: internal audio panel analog control

    Thanks, found the Notification Area item, it doesn't add anything at all, anywhere that I can see.

    I'm exploring the Synaptic Pkg Mngr, no broken packages to fix. Just looking in desperation for...
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    [ubuntu] internal audio panel analog control

    I have somehow lost the internal audio panel analog control icon from the panel on the top of my desktop, Ubuntu 9.10

    How do I get it back? I have spent search time for the past week trying to...
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    [ubuntu] install failed - msg The initrd is too big...

    I have installed Ubuntu 9.10, then 9.04 and am stopped at the first boot with this message:
    The initrd is too big...

    How or where can I look to find out what this means?

    If this refers to...
  5. [ubuntu] Please Help - Karmic Koala fail: input not supported

    - Attention input not supported - is the message floating around my screen even with the option of running from the disk only.

    I tried to upgrade from my working 9.04 but the install failed...
  6. [ubuntu] external screen configuration - how do I...

    How do I change the display screen to an external monitor?

    I have an IBM ThinkPad X4 UltraBase laptop. It's elderly, but useful, works fine.

    It has a video port on the back. The BIOS Video...
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    help for organizationally challenged 14 yo

    Special Education student with no ability to organize studies; Asperger challenged, but highly intelligent student needs help to acquire technology to succeed in the school environment. His...
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