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December 1st, 2008, 04:06 PM
I recently installed Ubuntu and love it except for one major annoyance: Firefox stalls constantly when it is "looking up" the url. Browsing is fine on the OSX partition, but with Firefox in Ubuntu, I keep on getting page load errors after waiting for 2 minutes for it to "look up" the url. I really like ubuntu, but constantly having to refresh pages to get them to load is a bit of a deal breaker for me... any tips on this issue? I'm running ubuntu 64 bit on a macbook 4,1.


December 1st, 2008, 05:04 PM
you could try changing your DNS servers to opendns - and http://prash-babu.blogspot.com/2008/04/how-to-configure-dns-servers-in-linux.html

December 1st, 2008, 06:19 PM
As Clinton said "Ah feel yer pain". :) I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. On top of that issue, you're going to come across another problem...resizing text takes FOREVER (which is a known Mozilla bug. See the URL below):


I became so frustrated with the issue you found, and the delay when resizing text, that I went looking for other options. I'm currently working with a spin-of of FF called Swiftweasel. It looks just like FF, but behaves MUCH better. I've noticed a HUGE improvement in performance in loading pages and resizing text. Plus, the developer of this software optimizes it for the processor you're running. You can learn about it here:


and download it here:


Two things to keep in mind though. When I installed Swiftweasel, I had to import my FF bookmarks, and I also had to re-install the plug-ins. Just backup your FF bookmarks and get a list of your plug-ins and you'll be good to go.


December 1st, 2008, 06:36 PM
Thanks for the replies... changing the DNS servers seems to have helped, and I'll give Swiftweasel a try soon!

C. Wizard
December 1st, 2008, 07:26 PM
How about Opera? Version 9.62 is the best browser I've used.


December 1st, 2008, 07:49 PM
How about Opera? Version 9.62 is the best browser I've used.


I agree with this. I've used a lot of browsers too. :wink: