View Full Version : [ubuntu] how to use wirless??

December 1st, 2008, 02:01 AM
I have installed ndiswrapper and it recognizes my wifi adapter. In the thing at the top right of the screen it has a tick for "enable wireless". But when I click the connection manager and click the wireless tab it doesn't find any networks. Are they supposed to show up there?

December 1st, 2008, 04:39 AM
The wireless tab in the Connection Editor only displays networks you've configured or already connected to. If you wait a while (should only be a minute) all wireless networks in range will appear when you left-click the NetworkManager icon. To force NetworkManager to rescan for networks, right-click NetworkManager icon, uncheck "Enable Networking", then right-click again and check it again. Wait a minute or two and your networks should appear. If there's nothing there after a couple minutes, please post the output of this command to make sure your network is being seen:

sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep "your network name"
Replace "your network name" with the name of your wireless network, but leave the quotes in place.