View Full Version : [ubuntu] Atheros Atheros AR5007EG

November 29th, 2008, 04:14 PM
Ibis. Toshiba laptop.
Just tried Ibis (live CD) and find the same old problem with the popular Atheros card. I've spent several hours trying various different published 'solutions' all of them inviolving command line stuff. None has workedóbut I am not sufficiently computer literate.

Is there a simple solution such as some sort of self-installing mod? ie something that avoids wading through command line programs?

I'd really like to get away from Windows. Linux is supposedly an alternative, so why cannot we have something that works straight 'out of the box'? Last time I had to do command line stuff in Windows was about 20 years ago, so do I really have to put the clock back in order to make Ubuntu work?

Any suggestionsósuch as changing the wireless card or a Linux distro that works 'out of the box'?