View Full Version : [ubuntu] Free Pascal; Installing Help Files - impossible

November 29th, 2008, 03:03 PM
Hello at all,
At school I use the program "Turbo Pascal" so in wanted to have some Pascal for my Linux at home.
Synaptic Installed all Free-Pascal Packets and all was good. but in the fp-IDE i have no help-files like "Index" or "Topic Search"

There was a Message, i should install the /usr/share/doc/fp-docs/fpctoc.html with the menu "Help|Files..."
I did that and when I say "yes" to the question "Create Keyword from help file?" then there is the next Error:
"/usr/share/doc/fp-docs/fpctoc.html does'nt contain any links, thus it isn't suitable for indexing"

What can I do?
Thanks for all help.

And please Excuse my English, I'm German...