View Full Version : Font management and the single user

November 27th, 2008, 10:02 AM

One of the things I don't like about Linux in general is all the strange fonts that get installed into the system. OpenOffice installs fonts. Gimp installs fonts. EVERYTHING install it's own fonts.

When you are using an application like Scribus or OpenOffice, you get an endless list of not very nice fonts.

Is there some way that Ubuntu could install a 'System Fonts' directory with all the fonts it is not wise to remove, and an 'Optional Fonts' directory with all the other fonts.

Sub-folders for languages would be nice as well.

I've used Linux since RedHat 5, then went to a 'new' distro called Mandrae, and I use FontyPython to manage fonts, so I am reasonably comfortable with removing fonts I don't like, but less experienced users could mess up the system and not know how to re-install them from the command line.

Also, the font viewing utility will display a glyph weather or not the font chosen contains that glyph, and it is not easy to see which fonts contain which glyphs.

Does anyone else have these problems and have suggestions for solving them?