View Full Version : [gnome] Ubuntu 8.04: No File/Printer sharing, computers don't see each other in Network

November 27th, 2008, 04:22 AM
I have 3 computers running 8.04 (upgrading to 8.10 is not an option for me right now). I will call them A, B, and C.

A: Desktop. Connected to router via Ethernet.
B: Desktop. Connected to router via D-Link wireless adapter. Connected via USB to the printer and has the folder to be shared.
C: Laptop. Connected to router via built-in wireless adapter.

They can all connect to the Internet fine and seem to be able to ping each other, but only the computer I'm using will show up in Places>Network. For example, if I am using Computer B, then "b-desktop" shows up in Network, but no other computer does. None of the computers can use the printer except for Computer B.

The computers all dual-boot with Windows but I don't ever want to use Windows again. The last time I used Windows (to burn the Ubuntu CD), stupid OneCare wouldn't let me share the printer anyway. But I could share folders successfully.

What can I do?