View Full Version : [ubuntu] [8.10] intrepid-proposed broke my iwl3945 module (Intel wireless)

November 27th, 2008, 03:06 AM
(Recommended information from the sticky thread is attached as "trouble.txt".)

The story:
In Hardy, everything was working great until the kernel, which caused some really strange behavior (my campus WPA access points became invisible, but other AP's were still fine). I've been booting into the kernel since then, with no trouble.

Then I made a fresh install of Intrepid on a new partition, and started seeing some of the same behavior that I saw under the kernel in Hardy. I saw someone with similar trouble was advised to add "intrepid-proposed" repositories, so I did that. Immediately there were 100 or so updates, which I downloaded and installed.

After that, my wifi light doesn't even come on, and NetworkManager doesn't show anything for wireless at all. I've attached the output of all the troubleshooting commands, but here's the part I'm guessing is most relevant:

eric@eric-laptop:~$ dmesg|grep wl
[ 14.221564] iwl3945: Unknown symbol lbm_cw_print_ssid

eric@eric-laptop:~$ lsmod|grep iwl3945
<no output>

Also, the "System/Administration/Hardware Drivers" window is empty--nothing listed there whatsoever.

Thanks in advance for any help.