View Full Version : [all variants] dv1000 random sound decrease

November 27th, 2008, 02:40 AM
First let me apologize if this is the wrong place to post and if this is a really stupid question.

Problem: Sound randomly starts decreasing, cannot reproduce the error at will

I fist noticed this issue after I installed ubuntu 8.10 using wubi, sound would just randomly start decreasing like I was hitting the volume down on my laptop, I get a little window with the volume bar decreasing. Booted back into xp and started noticing I was getting the same error in xp, contacted hp support, did a driver reinstall and error (seemingly) disappeared for over a week.

Troubleshooting done: Reinstalled 8.10 using wubi, installed 8.04 using wubi, decided on full os swap so installed 8.10 then 8.04 and still had error. I have since installed Gos, Mandriva, and am currently on Fedora 10 and same error occurs.

Additional info: I do not have a working optical drive and this system does not boot from usb so the installs were done on another laptop and then the hard drive put back in. buying an optical drive is not an option currently. 90% sure not hardware error as xp didn't have any problems after the driver reinstall

What I need: help tracking down what is causing this error. I am not afraid to try anything and am comfortable with command line, just let me know what would be the next troubleshooting step.