View Full Version : [mythbuntu] [SOLVED] Mythtv - switch between tv out and monitor

November 26th, 2008, 07:44 PM

Figured it out, instead of
sudo nvidia-settings I did
sudo nvidia-settings -c :0.0 to control the primary X screen.

My bad, I'm trying to do this over ssh, which is probably the problem, because I suspect nvidia-settings is looking at my current (remote) xserver.

Is there a way to tell nvidia-settings which x-server I want it to configure so I can manage it remotely?

I've had mythbuntu installed for a while, and I just re-installed with 8.10

I'm wondering if there is a way to switch between tv-out and a monitor. I enabled tv-out in the setup and it works fine, but now and then I'd like to plug in a monitor to do some things.

My first thought was to use nvidia-settings, but that complains that I'm not using nvidia drivers (which is not the case):

luke@luke-tron:~$ lsmod | grep nvidia
nvidia 6900560 38
i2c_core 31892 9 tuner_simple,wm8775,cx25840,tuner,ivtv,i2c_algo_bi t,v4l2_common,tveeprom,nvidia
agpgart 42184 2 nvidia,intel_agp

I didn't see anything in mythbuntu-control-centre to this effect. If anyone knows how to toggle this (or convince nvidia-settings that I am in fact using their driver) please do let me know

also here's xorg.conf:

luke@luke-tron:~$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section "Module"
Load "glx"

Section "Monitor"
Identifier "Configured Monitor"

Section "Device"
Identifier "Configured Video Device"
Driver "nvidia"
Option "DPI" "100x100"
Option "UseEvents" "1"
Option "AddARGBVisuals" "1"
Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "1"
Option "NoLogo" "1"
#Option "UseDisplayDevice" "TV"
Option "ConnectedMonitor" "TV"
Option "TVOutFormat" "COMPOSITE"
Option "TVStandard" "NTSC-M"

Section "Screen"
Identifier "Default Screen"
Device "Configured Video Device"
Monitor "Configured Monitor"
DefaultDepth 24
SubSection "Display"
Depth 24
Modes "nvidia-auto-select" "1920x1080" "1280x720" "1024x768" "720x480" "800x600" "640x480"