View Full Version : [ubuntu] mtink with epson stylus d78

November 26th, 2008, 07:11 PM
I have epson stylus d78 printer and have recently installed mtink utility. I solved permission issues and now mtink detects my printer (although it is not on the mtink list of the supported printers) and ink levels, but I'm not able to change cartridges since ''align head'' and ''change cartridge'' buttons in mtink don't work! and the letters on those buttons are kind of dotty:) and says that the state is ok, but indicates that the cyan ran out... :confused:

any help?

p. s. I've installed mtink just after my printer maintenance button flashed red (out of ink), and now it doesn't blink when I turn the printer on; the maintenance button is now not responding, simply dead, I really don't know why... so I can't replace those cartridges unless mtink starts working...

thanks, jelena