View Full Version : [kubuntu] Hardware issues with Acer Extensa 4420

November 26th, 2008, 05:29 PM
Using Kubuntu initially, but Ubuntu provides similar problems.

Dual Screen:
Hardware is an ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 (1002:791F), primary screen is LDVS, secondary is a ViewSonic 20" LCD via VGA.

Cannot unclone monitors (cannot shift into proper dual screen mode)
Viewsonic has very strong waviness (entire screen is displaced horizontaly in a wide wave pattern)
Installing non-free driver, as hardware manager offers, not only doesn't help the situation, but causes the computer to freeze up entirely after a few minutes of attempting to get dual screen via control panel.

Hardware is Broadcom (14E4:4311) miniPCI 802.11g card; switch exists on laptop front.

Cannot connect to WPA2 network (TKIP+AES).

This is more of an error report as far as the hardware profiler goes than a request for a stream of repair commands; I was using Wubi to see if Flash CS3 would run under Wine (it's the only app that's keeping me on Windows), so I could go back to using Linux, but if this computer's hardware won't work with Linux in the way I'm accustomed to, there's no point in trying the software.

Also, I wanted to try out BlueZ, but couldn't really get anywhere with the networking; my main issue is that A2DP and HID profiles are supported, and a Cambridge Silicon Radio is supported (0A12:0001, via USB, for whatever reason). If anyone's tried it, I'd be interested to know if they work.

Anyway, if you need more data from me, or need me to test out an alternative config script to test the machine, gimme a yell. This is a nice cheap laptop, and it'd be nice to provide people with an easy alternative to Vista on it.