View Full Version : [ubuntu] Remastersys LiveCD vs. new Install with /home partition

November 25th, 2008, 11:01 PM
Info for those who wonder...

I have had a stable install of 8.10 upgrade from 8.04. In my quest to see if a new install would be different or better I setup a home partition and installed new 8.10 to a new disk. I was disappointed in how many things did not show up in that install such as printers, applications, even libflashplayer.so did not work tho it was in the same directory, so on and so on.

So, I decided to try a LiveCD install using remastersys and am totally satisfied with this installation. Every setting and application I had on the original is now on my second disk. I am satisfied that I have a disaster recovery process using remastersys.

One could question if I have a "new" install using this process and I do not know enough to say for sure if it is a "new" install or just a rehash of the hardy to ibex install from my first disk. All I know is that I found a working way to backup and restore to my exact environment.

Just sharing some candy...