View Full Version : [all variants] Trying to fiure out where install is dying

November 25th, 2008, 01:11 PM
Having given up on Fedora as a recording distro I wanted to try Ubuntu studio. The installation gets as far as detecting network hardware, says %100 then I get a blank blue screen with a white bar at the bottom and nothing else. attempts to get to console windows no good. Ctrl Alt Del no effect. If I can figure out which component is making the intaller puke I might be able to edit the ISO and add the driver. The complete lack of information as to where it is croaking however leaves me with no way to tell.

I'm trying to install Ubuntu studio 8.04 on a White box that I built. Aside from being dual homed it's a pretty basic machine and an almost exact copy of two others I'm running Fedora on with no problems. The 2nd nic card is an old card that's seen Mandrake, Redhat and Fedora installations before and worked great with those. I might have even had SUSE on a machine with that card before. It was working shortly before the memory failed on that machine croaked thus giving me an excuse to upgrade the entire machine :) The nic card, case and one of the HDs are the only remaining components. I even upgraded the power supply.

I'll install Fedora on it to be sure there are no hardware failures but it ran fine during the memory test phase finding no errors. I also was able to boot to Knoppix on it right after building it. Ran fine on Knoppix. I tested the DVD for errors and none were found. All components are at least 6 months old. So there is no bleeding edge hardware or anything unusual about the hardware. This machine was specifically built to replace my current recording box which is 5 years old and getting mighty creaky.

So how do I get to install details so I can figure out what the problem actually is or am I SOL no Ubuntu studio on that machine with 8.04?


To boot with Knoppix I have to turn ACPCIA off. I do that and Knoppix runs like a charm. Also I've already done the standard things such as turn plug and play OS off in the bios.