View Full Version : [ubuntu] Reconfiguring Kernel with Laptop enhancing patches??

November 25th, 2008, 11:48 AM
I would like to reconfigure my kernel. I already did that yesterday, but I used the ubuntu patches.... I hear there are some patches that makes Ubuntu Linux work better on LPs, such as this Toshiba L300 Laptop, here that I have. Its a dual core, 1.86z.


That link says to use the Con Kolivas patches which it says increases performance on laptops, when ran as a desktop (not server). I was afraid to use them, however, because the latest was last updated in late 2007, like version 2.6.22, I did not want to take the chances with that being too old, not up to date and such.

So, how can I configure my kernel, with a good set of patches to work great and fast, have it be reliable and also make for long battery life.