View Full Version : [all variants] Custom Domain Name with Server - Other Questions, too

November 25th, 2008, 04:41 AM
I've been preparing to build my first server this Thanksgiving weekend and I've been reading about the exciting world of servers but I have at least one unanswered question.

1.) By setting up a mail server, can I just create my own domain so that I can receive emails at ace007@booyah.com or ace007@something_custom.com? Or that is something I would have to pay for at some website. I see a bunch of guides and wiki's with "example.com" as the domain, but is that meant I can make my own, or thats something I've paid for before setting up the server? (I think the latter is true, but I am hoping I'm wrong)

ANSWER: I think I solved it, I will have to pay for a truly unique domain name at a website like dyndns.com (http://lifehacker.com/software/web-publishing/geek-to-live--how-to-assign-a-domain-name-to-your-home-web-server-124804.php)

2.) I've tried to ssh from work into my home computer with no joy. I can ssh from my home network via the internal IP but not the external IP. In fact at work I can't even ping my home computer's external IP. Is this a common ISP issue, or should I review my setup? Oh, and I'm not using the standard ssh port.

3.) I have mixed OS's on my home network, mostly Ubuntu with a few Windows XP. What protocol should I use for file sharing? What's the best and/or most stable? I'm leaning towards NFS, but it seems for Windows I would have to install additional software to support it.

4.) What else should I do with my new server?

my girlfriend is going to kill me.