View Full Version : [mythbuntu] Sata sector errors wd 1tb green drive

November 24th, 2008, 11:01 AM
Hello Ubuntu Forum.

I am farly new user of linux.
And I have been having a problem with a western digital green 1tb sata drive(WD10EACS).

Originaly I had the drive connected to an old compac computer using a sata card running fedora. and after about 2 weeks I would start getting bad sectors until the machine would eventualy crash.
So thinking it was a problem trying to get a 10 year old machine to interface with a new hard drive I bought a new motherboard.
I got a jetway j7f4 motherboard. and I have been running it on mythbuntu. and for the last month it has been running great. and I have been realy pleased with it.

But now I have started having similer problems with ubuntu. with sector problems.

I have run the western digital test software which found sector errors but has said it has fixed them now.
But im not convinced because I have done this before and the problems came back.

Now Im running out of ideas apart from changing the hard drive.

As I said I am new to linux and I just want to know if anyone else had simarler problems and new of a command that could fix the problem.

or if anyone could recomend a sata drive that could work.