View Full Version : [ubuntu] [SOLVED] reg:- Sound card

November 24th, 2008, 09:39 AM
i am posting below my computer details.
I am using acer 5530 configuration. i have installed ubuntu and kubuntu in fine and i am using good. but i dont get sound in either in computer speaker as well as in the head phone jack also.
could you please help me. ?

Processor :- AMD Turion RM70 64 bit
Memory:- 4 GB (2x2) RAM DDR2 667 MHz
Hard Drive:- 320GB
Graphics Card :- ATI HD3200
video card:- HDMI, VGA
Screen :- 15.4 WXGA
Sound card :- HD Audio
Optical drive:- DVD +-RW DL
PC-card-express-Mini No / Yes / Yes
Wlan-Network-Bluetoo 11g/10-1000/No
USB-Firewire-Modem 4/No/No
web cam:- built in- crystal clear.
Operating system:- Vista ultimate 64 bit, ubuntu 8.10 and kubuntu 8.10
Weight:- 2,9 kg ( too Heavy)

i am looking to have sound atleast good one. i have configured all just two things left.
1. sound output
2. webcam chat.

i am using all my office work, word everything. if i get this i can hear songs and movies. then quite i will forget windows.