View Full Version : [ubuntu] Foxmarks and 6.06 LTS...

Mike Krall
November 23rd, 2008, 07:47 PM
I got a recent official upgrade to Fire Fox for 6.06 LTS. Soon after I got a Foxmarks pop-up for an upgrade and installed it (I know, wrong move). Afterwards, Fire Fox 'bookmarks mangager' moving of folders/bookmarks was non-functional (either marks would jump back to original position on drag-and-drop or would randomly jump someplace else. Additions to Bookmarks happen correctly... synchronizing bookmarks in Foxmarks happens correctly.

In conversation with Foxmarks, they feel it is a Fire Fox problem. Me, I think I need to get the new Foxmarks out and a Fire Fox compatible Foxmarks in. Foxmarks doesn't seem to be willing to tell me which version I need to go back to.

Does anyone here have that information?