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November 23rd, 2008, 07:21 PM
Came across this, thought I'd post it

Ubuntu is mentioned by name in an article about starting your own business


Paragraph 8

8 - Computers - Ok… this is where it really is nonstandard for many in the work environment.. this isn’t 1985 .. and Microsoft Windows or Apple isn’t the only place you can get what you need. In fact going down the route will lead to disaster in the long run in my opinion. Get yourself a machine with enough horsepower budgeting $400 … and try to get it with Ubuntu Linux (or any Distro).. there is a valid reason for this.. really valid. Linux has been with us for a long time… but recently in the past few years.. it has made some serious inroads into the desktop environment and for good reason.. it’s easy to use, stable and 100% free… literally free.. but the OS isn’t what makes it cool.. it’s this neat “add and remove programs”…that literally goes out.. grabs new programs for you free of charge.. and installs them.. like a photo shop competitor called the gimp (saving you $1,800 dollars) or open office instead of Microsoft Office… (saving you about $500 dollars) or awesome video editing software for free (there are at least 40 differing programs like that… select whatever makes sense for you)… saving you at least $1,299.00 dollars .. as that is what Final Cut Pro costs currently. Yes there are Windows versions of many (but not all) of these programs… but the point is that Linux is geared towards this… it’s sort of running native when they run on Linux.