View Full Version : [ubuntu] Instalation freeze when starting bluetooth

November 23rd, 2008, 12:44 AM
Hi, maybe you have seen my old thread which I post before few hours but I decided to make new one more clear and descriptive.
My computer is Acer am1610 with 320 gb hard and 2 gb ram. I have used Ubuntu before on it before but the pc had some problems so I had to send it to the Acer service center for repair. I got it back yesterday with trial version of Vista which I erased. Now the computer doesn't have any operating system and I am trying to install Ubuntu because I liked it before. I put the cd and the first thing that wasn't right was that the disk showed me some kind of error but, I found the way to solve it which was to disable the southbridge ACPI HPET TABLE. After I did that the setup started up normal. Until the time when the setup is starting up bluetooth which makes my pc freeze and I can't use my keyboard. So,this is the place in which I am stuck please help me... thank you a lot :popcorn: