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November 22nd, 2008, 12:09 PM
Hello all

Is anybody experienceing problems either
a) trying to install intrepid ununtu or kubuntu
b) after upgrading hardy to intrepid via synaptic package manager you find you can only boot using the 3rd boot option ie the old generic kernel?

On trying to install with cds provided by canonical I get the intro menu screen. on selecting 'install' or selecting 'try ubuntu without changing your system' I get the loading bar, which stops for three minutes near the start before finally finishing loading. I then get a black screen with text which stops after thiry seconds at the following line

Starting bluetooth

It stays frozen at this stage (I have no blue tooth devices)

After upgrading my system when I choose the new generic kernel option I have the same lengthy bootup bar story and bluetooth message. with an additional line

[279.846416] pan0:Dropping NETIF_F_UFO since no NETIF_F_HW8CSUM feature

Does any kind soul have any suggestions?


January 16th, 2009, 10:06 PM
No solutions, im afraid - but i've been having the same problem myself with an Ibex live CD.

Im trying to make a dual boot with XP sp3 and also have no traces of bluetooth anywhere, but keep finding it hanging at boot or shutdown time. None of the boot options on the CD seem to work for me, but then im a total newbie with it anyway :)

Anyone know how to stop this bluetooth activation? i'd like to sample a little more of Ubuntu than an "Enabling bluetooth..." message at some point haha!