View Full Version : PhotoRec is amazing! Is there anything else that supports other file formats?

November 22nd, 2008, 06:45 AM
A couple months ago, I had a computer hard-reset in the middle of a partition expansion, which generally turned everything into a mess. That partition had four years of my stuff on it, totaling about 140 gigs.

I'd just given up hope, when I discovered PhotoRec. I'd defragmented beforehand, so the file fragmentation was almost nil. This enabled PhotoRec to recover about 45 gigs of data. That's great! I'm pleased.

However, PhotoRec supports less than 200 file formats, most of which I don't use. After going over the list, there are a few file formats I used to use that PhotoRec doesn't support (.psp files are one example.)

Is there something like PhotoRec that supports a few different formats? I'd like to combine multiple programs to recover as many files as possible before I finally reformat the disk.