View Full Version : [ubuntu] Just a little moan

November 20th, 2008, 10:44 PM
I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my test system, to see what it was like & to be honest I had many problems. Mostly with the Nvidia drivers. Basically even though I got the drivers installed & had compiz running I was not able to use Cairo-Dock the way I like. I normally have the background set to be clear, but this just wouldn't happen in 8.10. As it was my test system, I installed Mandriva 2009. This runs the latest kernel & gnome 2.24.
It installed the Nvidia drivers & got compiz up & running with no problems, I install Cairo-Dock & it runs like a dream.
How come Ubuntu 8.10 couldn't be that easy. I spent hours trying to get it working, but Mandriva was done in a flash.
I am not saying that I won't use Ubuntu, as my main system is still running Ubuntu 8.04 & is my preferred linux distro, I just wish that Ubuntu 8.10 was a bit kinder on my brain. I am not a newbie by any means & I think I know my way around fairly well, but 8.10 did my head in.