View Full Version : Move mouse cursor

November 19th, 2008, 12:07 PM
Basically, I need to prevent my cursor moving into certain regions of the screen. If you really want to know why, I can explain, but it's probably easier if I just leave it at that. I'm currently running two screens in Twinview mode, and I want to be able to check whether the cursor is inside of a certain area and then if so, move it back to where I want it.

So, what I need to know is:
1/ What I actually need to do to achieve a piece of code running all the time that does this. Would this be some sort of script or app?
2/ What are the commands to get cursor position and to reposition the cursor
3/ In Twinview, will these commands return the position of the mouse relative to the entire desktop?

I'm running Intrepid, and I have a bit of experience in general programming, so I just need help with how I should go about this (ie. script, application etc.) and the commands.

Thanks in advance