View Full Version : [ubuntu] Very strange - monitor & laptop - when I close IE6, laptop monitor turns off!

November 19th, 2008, 12:51 AM
Okay, so I'm stumped on this one. I have a Gateway CS200X tablet, which I mostly use as a laptop nowadays, on which I replaced XP with Ubuntu 8.10 last week. So far, so good! I've got Crossover Pro & Games, neither of which have caused me any trouble so far, to run Windows stuff on.

Here's the rub. I work from home, and I have to log in to a website that only runs in IE. Okay, so I loaded it up in IE6 through Crossover, and I've had no trouble - until today, when I hooked up my external monitor. I had no trouble getting the two monitors to run side-by-side as an extended setup, using the Screen Resolution tool in Intrepid. Everything worked fine. But when I was done, I logged out of the website and closed IE6. In response, my computer turned off the laptop monitor and pulled all my windows over to the external monitor, as if I had gone in and changed it myself. I went into Screen Resolution and checked - sure enough, the laptop monitor is marked "off" and my external monitor is marked at its normal resolution (1280x1024). The only other change is that it moved the laptop to the right of the external in the diagram, where I had it set to the left before.

Any ideas? I have no idea if there's any fix to this, or if anyone has had anything like this before, or if it's just a bug in my work program that I'll have to put up with. :confused: