View Full Version : [ubuntu] SiS965L SATA incompatibilities

November 18th, 2008, 08:05 PM

I have a linux box cobbled together out of old part (see sig for specs) and wanted to install Intrepid to a new 160GB SATA hard drive. However, the installation fails when I try to partition the drive. I am also unable to partition the drive by any other means under Linux (including the GParted LiveCD) and this appears to be due to the SiS965L southbridge chipset.

After a lot of Googling (which I really wish I'd done before buying the HDD) I've been unable to find any way around this. Has anyone been able to install any version of Ubuntu (or even another distro) to a SATA HDD using the SiS965L? Is it even possible to format the drive under Linux, even if the system has to be booted from a different disk?