View Full Version : [ubuntu] Encore ENLWI-N drivers and general connectivity

November 18th, 2008, 08:01 AM
I want to use linux, I really do, but

I have been grinding away at ubuntu for about 3 hours now, and I still have yet to get 1 single device driver to work. Not only is it completely impossible to get anything to work properly, its also ridiculous how there is no basic help out there. It took me 30 minutes and a crap load of internet searches to find out sudo -s was all I needed to become root. I don't know how you people can tout linux as so amazing when I can't connect to the internet as one of the most tech savy people I know.

If you can help me that would be awesome.

I am trying to install this:http://www.encore-usa.com/product_it...d=269#DOWNLOAD

it has a makefile that whenever I run it, I get errors, I don't even know what I would do if I got through without errors.

All I want to do is connect to the internet, IDK why this has to be so hard. Also if this is ever figured out, I would love to pointed into the right direction as to where to actually go to connect to my network. thanks in advance