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November 18th, 2008, 03:12 AM

My IBM T42 has Atheros wifi chip so I am experiencing no wireless after resume from sleep. Fortunately I have found the "real" solution/workaround of this problem.

Unfortunately, before applying the workaround, I un-installed networkmanager. Now I don't have Internet connection and Synaptic/apt-get can't find networkmanager to download and install, well, since there is no networking.

I do have an 8.10 installation CD but after I instructed synaptic to read the source list from CD, it still can not find networkmanager package.

So, the question is, can someone tell me where I can find networkmanager package on the net so that I can download from another machine and install it?


Vincent Lin

November 18th, 2008, 03:21 AM
You probably still have it in your cache.

cd /var/cache/apt/archives
find |grep network

You can reinstall with:

sudo dpkg -i <package>

November 18th, 2008, 03:22 AM
Are you sure it's not on the CD? The package names you should look for are network-manager and network-manager-gnome.

If you can't find them on the CD, you can download the NetworkManager package by going to http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/i386/network-manager/download and choosing a mirror in your country (or close to it).

You should also make sure you have the network-manager-gnome package installed as well, that's downloaded from here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/i386/network-manager-gnome/download

November 18th, 2008, 03:43 AM
Thanks guys.

I can't find the file in /var/cache/....., nor I find the files in CD (networkmanager, network_manager, network_manager_gnome, etc...).

However, download from Internet did work for me. I copied them to a flashdrive and installed them subsequently.

Thanks a bunch, and so promptly.

Now I would need to see that madwifi workaround

/etc/pm/config.d/madwifi file with a single line as


would work.

Thanks again.