View Full Version : [ubuntu] somebody help me understand ad-hoc?

November 17th, 2008, 11:57 PM
From my knowledge (I've done some research but I still don't fully understand), ad-hoc is like a way of wireless connectivity with no "host". I mean that like once there are a few people connected, you can disconnect and the network will be still alive.

I don't understand how to create one though. I go to my wireless icon, then create wireless network, then i enter some info (ssid, password, etc) and i click create. then it tries to connect (to myself?) and it always fails. (by fails i mean it keeps saying trying to connect, then it asks the password, so a write it, and then a moment later it asks me for the password again, but i can never be connected... ?)

can someone help me with this? my friends and i are going to go to a place where there's no internet and we want to play games together. this seems like a good solution. Helpz?