View Full Version : What happened to gpg-agent?

Mr. Picklesworth
November 17th, 2008, 07:44 PM
Did anyone else notice the gpg-agent passphrase dialog got a dose of ugly for 8.10? I swear, it used to follow the GNOME HIG and had nice stock icons... now it looks / feels like a Windows application. Possibly worse. Window doesn't have a title, buttons are layed out wrong... Alas, although this one isn't entirely unusual, suddenly the password field uses asterices instead of dots. The thing makes a completely half-hearted attempt to block input to anything but itself, resulting in a completely ugly, flickery experience. (It is not doing it right at all).

It horrified me, but Google just thinks I'm crazy. There seems to be no information about this change out on the interwebs :/

Before I file a bug report, can anyone with 8.04 get a screenshot of that dialog for me? You can trigger it by opening up Almanah, going to change your GPG passphrase in Seahorse ("Passwords and Encryption Keys") or sending GPG signed emails with Evolution.