View Full Version : A bit of help if I may? - Network config & password change script on login??

November 17th, 2008, 10:22 AM
Hi all,

Ok heres the scenario...

I am currently working on an Open-Source bug tracking system 'Elvin' its not yet released but I am planning on releasing a 'Virtual Machine' running on Ubuntu Server, I will install all the required packages eg. Apache, PHP & MySQL.

The users will be able to download the Virtual machine which will already have Elvin (The project) installed and configured on it.

Ok heres what I require:-

I need a shell script (I presume) that will execute when the user logs in that will give them options such as:-

1) Change root password
2) Configure network
3) Logout

If the user clicks on 'Change root password' they will be prompted to change there password and once changed will send them back to the first screen (as above).

If the user clicks on 'Configure network' the user will be prompted for IP Address, Subnet, Default gateway and DNS Server entries and once complete will be taken back to the first screen again (as above)

Simple I know but... If the user selects option 3 they will be logged out.

I want a script that can do this to ensure the user cannot damage the Elvin files and also to make it simple for a novice to ammend the network settings so they can get the virtual machine on there network is very little time.

I would be extremely greatful for any help on this, (you wil be added to the credits list of the project too ofcourse :))

I plan to use the latest LTS Server version for this.

Kindest regards,
Bobby Allen