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November 17th, 2008, 10:03 AM
Hello there,

on Saturday I heard about Ubuntu EEE. (http://www.ubuntu-eee.com/)
On my ThinkPad X40 Debian is installed. It's the stable version, and it sucks to me compiling my own packages.
Yes, I could use the testing-version but I would like to use Ubuntu EEE. It's based on Debian so the difference is not that much.
So my Question is:
Is a Ubuntu EEE compatible to a ThinkPad X40 (difference CPU's and so on...).
My friend uses a Medion (don't know wich), but there is Atom-CPU integrated.
CPU : Pentium-M (Centrino)
Chipsatz : Intel 855GME
Screen : 1024 x 768
Graphics : Intel 855GME
WLAN : Intel 802.11b/g - 54MBit/s

November 17th, 2008, 11:48 AM
I'm not quite exactly catching on to what your after, I assume so far you want a package manager to make installing software a breeze, after that I'm a bit lost as to why you would want an eeecentric version of ubuntu for a non eee platform.

Perhaps if you could list your:

cpu speed
hard drive size

we could steer you to something that would require less re-attuning to your machine?

November 17th, 2008, 01:23 PM
I don't want a package manager. :-)
I would like to know if Ubuntu EEE will work on my machine.
Why do I want this?
Because I'm looking for a small Linux-Distri, that works on my machine very well and gives me new packages of all what I want.

The Debian-Version, I am currently using is 'stable'. Because of that, I'm not supported with updated packages and so on.

"apt-get install iceweasel"
installs v2.0. But there is a newer version availaible.
I could use the 'test' version of Debian for getting new packages, but I don't what that.

All what I want is a Linux-Distri as described above. It should come with Gnome, and the theme Ubuntu EEE is using seems to me really nice.

I'll try to explain myself another way:
Do you know a small Linux-Distri for Subbooks. It is important for me to get supported with new packages.

Ubuntu EEE IS a small Distri, especially for little Screens.
Why do I want to use a EEE-specific-distri on another machine?
Because my friend is using this Linux on a Medion (don't know wich exactly). He said to me "Have a look at Ubuntu EEE, it's small, easy to configure, easy to use AND it looks nice."

CPU speed: 1400 MHZ
Ram: 1024
HDD: 10 GB (it's just a partition, so I could increase this if necessary).


November 17th, 2008, 02:52 PM
Well, I suppose Ubuntu Eee would work for you; the only question in my mind would actually be about the kernel. If I remember right its tuned up for the Eee on that version of Ubuntu; though you could easily install a kernel of your choice, and considering your understanding of things, I certainly don't see that being an issue for you. You have enough horsepower (the eee 701 and 702 only had 900mhz cpu's and 512mb of ram stock).

Guess I'd say what the hell; back up your important data and give it a shot.