View Full Version : Anyone else own a UIRT?

November 17th, 2008, 06:50 AM
(A repost -- however just wanted to know if anyone owns one of these devices: http://usbuirt.com/) Anyone own or construct the original UIRT?

The first microprocessor project I became involved with was known as the UIRT - Universal Infrared Remote Transmitter Project. This device made it capable of controlling your computer with use of the Girder software. It interfaced through the computer's serial port. I built the whole thing from scratch and programmed it at the local college.

Sad part about it -- is that I can't even find the original homepage for the project any longer. It had specific transistors and microprocessors that they recommended to complete the project, and actually gave the assembly code whereby the microprocessor could be programmed. It was actually a lot of fun to make.

Another guy, known as John Rees -- very helpful -- troubleshooted the design for a while, but later made it interface through USB rather than through the serial connector. Unlike the original UIRT design that was published, he never published how to construct or program the microprocessor for this device. Its home can be found here:

I helped troubleshoot the early device -- version 1 or whatever it was back then. You would have thought the guy would have sent me a few devices for free, but nope -- that didn't happen.

I haven't used the device now in years, now that Girder -- the software that interacts with the device -- went from being free -- to a pay product. It was fun to tinker with, however IMO opinion not worth the $49 they are currently selling it for -- unless major improvements have been done with the interface. What a freakin rip!!