View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 Both Hang After Login

November 17th, 2008, 01:13 AM
I'm new to the Linux world and got a 7.10 VMware Image (see below) working just fine. However when I run the 8.04 upgrade from the update manager it seems to go fine until the login after reboot. I login and the screen just hangs. I've tried a clean install of both 8.04 and 8.10 from CD and I've tried 8.04 from image (see below) all with the same result. Install or upgrade looks successful, login screen looks good, takes user then pw, then ... hangs. Any suggestions for troubleshooting appreciated. Is there a 'safe mode'? A way to check boot error logs?
Thanks in advance,


7.10 Image:

8.04 Image:

My Machine:
Motherboard: Asus P5K
CPU: C2D E4300
Video: 8800 GTS Nvidia
RAM: 4GB Patriot
Sound: Soundblaster Audigy 2
Mouse: Logitech VX Revolution
VMWare Workstation 6.5