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November 16th, 2008, 10:03 PM
No sure where to post this so starting here!!
I have been asked to set up a couple of screens with a rolling advert presentation (I am sure you have all seen them around!).

Needless to say the customer wants it cheap!

Having looked around yes there are commercial boxes - waay too expensive, Linux based systems - but I only want to manage 2 boxes not 200, but then I found a system that seems to just use a rolling web page - great so all I need is a web browser...

OK so the question is - Is there a 'pre cooked' setup of Ubuntu for setting up a web kiosk, ideally on basic hardware (I have a VIA Mini ITX with 32MB of flash and 64MB of RAM but I guess they will have to be upgraded a bit!). The ideal would boot / run from flash / USB flash drive. Looking at the minimal install docs I think I should get it into a 1 or 2 GB flash drive? RAM is cheap so I can stick 512 or 1GB in and avoid any swap space...

Comments / suggestions? (Preferably legal & decent ones!!!)

I know there are kiosk setups documented for other LX variants but I want an easy life so don't want to get into complicated command line based setups if I can avoid it!