View Full Version : [ubuntu] X crashes with 2 graphics cards

November 16th, 2008, 09:10 PM
I've just recently upgraded my Hardy box to Intrepid. Previously, this box had 2 graphics cards in it - an AGP NVidia Geforce 2 MX 400, and an older PCI Nvidia TNT 64 card. The former drove my main desktop, the latter a projector for watching films etc.

Since the upgrade, X crashes when started and locks up with a blank screen (both screens go into 'standby') and CPU usage of the X process at 100% - the virtual terminals aren't accessible, and I have to 'kill -9' the X process via a remote ssh connection to recover.

There's nothing showing as an error in the X logs (even with -verbose and -logverbose set to 6 or above), X just seems to stop. There's nothing significant in syslog either.

I get the same problem (with different but equivalent X log messages) if I explicitly set both cards to use the vesa driver, or if I change any of the cards around (using an ATI Rage 128 on the AGP slot, and/or an S3 Vision 968 on the PCI slot).

However, with any two cards installed, and configured in xorg.conf, a single card will work if it is the only one referred to in the ServerLayout section (even if the other card has a Device, Screen and Monitor section).

My X config is as generated by dpkg-reconfigure -phigh, but with BusID options and a ServerLayout section.

I've tried standard things like removing all the compiz packages, reinstalling all the xserver packages and checking I'm fully up to date, but with no success. Any suggestions?