View Full Version : [all variants] boot problems with ubuntu,kubuntu

November 16th, 2008, 06:20 PM
Hi, i have used Ubuntu and Kubuntu for years now, but i am having a terrible problem with both, since u made this new version 8.10 they no longer boot on my computers?. They only boot on my laptop and then only Kubuntu works fully. Ubuntu boots but when i put in a usb stick it freezes?. And on my computers i cant even get to the desktop because it freezes on that bar when it loads!?. I have always used the i386 version because that fits me but now none of them boot on any of my computers besides my dell studio 15 laptop?. and ubuntu is buggy and it freezes, even though kubuntu works fine but can anyone help me please because i have always been a big fan of this ubuntu and kubuntu please help