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November 16th, 2008, 01:02 PM
I have managed to tether my blackberry to ubuntu box before, but the process was still buggy to say the least. And once i installed 8.10 it stops working completely, It fails on the installing of XmBlackBerry complaining about libusb being broken. But it seems there may be a new method of connecting the blackberry to linux boxes.

Recently Sprint discontinued the old Sprint Connection Manager and now has the new and spiffy looking Smart View. It works great on windows, much better than SCM. Well my eyes lit up when i saw they had connection instructions for smartview for linux, found here:


But it only has instructions using the wireless cards :( ...figures... well im wondering if this can be used to get the blackberry connected and am wondering if anyone has tried it out yet, or even been bale to connect with it. I will be testing it out over the next few days, but im no programmer/developer so i can only do so much. Im not sure if i would have to use it in conjunction with the traditionals for the blackberry (libxlt,lubusb,openmotif,xmblackberry,opensync,bar ry) or if it will work alone.

Either way it is a windows app so it will have to be run under wine unless someone reverse engineers it to see how it works (waay beyond my capability). But none the less i will be trying it out over the next few days or week and i want to know if anyone has pointers or any ideas i can try out. Im not a linux guru so many advanced things i may not know how to do, but i have gotten proficient.

Anyways, if anyone has an idea let us know.

PDF Link

Blackberry Smartview Donload page

*just choose the blackberry you have and download the smart view app for it, though i think all the smart views are the same for the blackberry, and all around for that matter.*

- Shawn