View Full Version : [ubuntu] Creating Music w/ Ubuntu

November 16th, 2008, 12:45 AM
Hello All,

Something has just occurred to me. I imagine there must be a F.O.S.S. alternative to something like sony's acid or cakewalk sonar. I think that this is something I would thoroughly enjoy, I have always had a fantasy of being the next kanye west ;) .

I am planning on upgrading my system to ubuntu to intrepid real soon, and after doing a little research it seems that something like audacity would help me fiddle around with this project. This brings me to two questions...

1. Should I upgrade to intrepid studio verison? are there any real benefits to going with that verison other than having packages installed that are music/video related?

2. I would be running this on a machine with a pentium M processor @ 1.7Ghz and with 2Gb of ram (when I finally shell out the money), intergrated graphics and audio on the mobo. Is my little laptop up to the challenge?

As always, you guys are the best, and thanks in advance!