View Full Version : [ubuntu] Sound problems with 8.10 install

November 16th, 2008, 12:25 AM
Well, I'm not a complete amateur but I am fairly new to Ubuntu. Currently I'm running a dual boot, Dual screen set up (XP and Intrepid, VGA monitor and HDMI TV)

I have the dual screen working well but cannot get any sound to come through the television. My onboard sound is Realtek ALC888 which shows up as an option under the sound preferences as

HDA VIA VT82xx ALC888 Digital (ALSA).

Testing gets nothing (TV or front channel jack off the motherboard. If I switch to

ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

I get sound from headphones in the front channel jack on the motherboard.

To make matters worse, since I've installed Ubuntu, my sound under XP isn't working either. I had installed XP first, left some empty space on the hard drive and then installed Ubuntu in the free space on a separate partition. I tried reinstalling the drivers in XP but still have had no luck getting the sound working (after several reboots too). So now I have no sound no matter which OS I am running.

The video card is a Sapphire with the RV530 Pro chip, VGA and HDMI outputs. Not sure if that'd make any difference, any thoughts?