View Full Version : Want to hire expereinced Linux publishers

November 15th, 2008, 08:26 AM
Hi Everyone,

First I want to say this if this is against the rules of the forum or the community - feel free to flag this to the admin and I am sorry if this is the case.

I am looking to hire Linux users who would be willing to write for a reasonably well established Linux blog. The articles will be how-to in nature - we also welcome Journal article talking about the Linux/open source world. The base pay is $15/article with at least 10 articles per month (at least 350 words). For more details you can PM me if you want. We are looking for 3 writers. Applications that will receive priorities:

- Good Writing skills.
- Good understanding of Linux and Open Source community.
- Fairly active in this forum - so we can look at your post history and get an understanding of your writing skills.

Again, I want to apologize if it's against the forum rules.