View Full Version : [ubuntu] Need help with: what to put for host/domain

November 15th, 2008, 05:12 AM
Hard to figure out what to put in title. Basically, I should have done my homework, when deciding to use the `free` space from my ISP. I thought, space is space, and didn`t think to ask about restrictions etc. or that they are a `server` too. Turns out they don`t run scripts, or support php or mysql. Basically it is just for someone to throw up a small, html type site, what tipped me off was when he asked me about my `ěndex.html` page (not index.php).
And all that work I did getting DynDns so my ip would resolve to a name, be `static` in a way? etc. etc. They require me to enter www.mysite(that acatual word, not a site I make up) .tbaytel.net (name of the ISP) /my user name(name I use for my isp account) But I entered that (had put an index.html page with some content in var/www just to test it) and it said can`t connect...server. I went to my router and put tbaytel.net, and my.tbaytel.net (they suggested) in the `hostname` part of the setup page, and left domain blank. I can`t host Joomla with them, but I just wanted to see my server working..online, just to see. I am doing something wrong, but after all this I`m quite confused. I must have configured files to work with Joomla, and now it`s not going to so,.if anyone can tell me what to do, or maybe I have to start over...with paid space. I just want space (with php, scripting etc. support, not `hosting` as I want to try that. Guess I need to pay for a domain too.