View Full Version : [kubuntu] [SOLVED] restoring deleted default "taskbar"

November 14th, 2008, 08:13 PM
Hi all,
I just installed kubuntu 8.10 on a laptop and within a few minutes I deleted the "taskbar" which is down the screen in the default installation. (right mouse-button > remove panel)

I was able to get back a new bar/panel but this one does not contain the same standard widgets.
So my question is if there is a simple way to restore the system to the default panel settings?

I have been trying and searching on internet, but was not able to find a good thread.

November 14th, 2008, 08:19 PM
Try right-clicking on that panel you added and select Add to Panel. All widgets should lie there.

EDIT: Oops Kubuntu... Ignore me :D

November 14th, 2008, 08:22 PM
open your home folder and in the taskbar, go to view and put a check next to "show hidden files".

then find the .kde folder, right click on it and choose "move to trash"

log out and back in again, or restart and you should be back to square one.

November 14th, 2008, 08:26 PM
Thanks Fooman, it worked! This was exactly what I was looking for.

To continue on this topic: To backup my adjusted settings can I just copy the .kde folder and replace it as soon as I mess up again?

-edit- deleted reaction on Majorix (thanks for input anyway)