View Full Version : [ubuntu] Restricted Drivers makes system hiccup

November 11th, 2008, 11:36 PM
I just installed 8.10 on a new partition to start my transition from 8.04. Everything was going fine until I enabled the restricted drivers for my video card, a NVIDA 9600 GSO. What happens is it enables and works just fine, but when i use firefox or opera to go to my school's one website "angel.psu.edu" My computer locks for a little bit off and on as the page loads. It's most noticeable when there's music playing because it skips during this.

I tried both drivers listed, the 173 and 177, and both did the same thing. Any advice? My 8.04 does this a little bit too and it's actually making me want to go back to windows because of how unusable it makes my system. It's very hard to work when even switching tabs with angel.psu.edu logged in locks up the computer and it's embarrassing to have my music cut out like that, and it's so much worse on 8.10 than 8.04.

Oh, and i disabled desktop effects and it still happens.